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About me


I am a technology enthusiast with a deep interest in privacy, security, and transparency. I am all in when it comes to advocating for digital freedom. I finished my Bachelor’s degree from Warsaw University of Technology in February 2023 and since then, I’ve been occupied with personal projects that let me explore my interests and build my skills further. You are welcome to browse my open-source projects on my GitHub profile.

Technical skills

As a software developer, I am most proficient in Python and C#. I regularly use a range of Python packages, and I have curated my favorite ones in this collection. My expertise extends to Web3 blockchain technologies, where I have hands-on experience with Solidity and Plutus Haskell. I also enjoy integrating AI aspects into my projects, adding an extra touch of magic to my work. In the past, I have automated various web processes using Selenium and Chrome DevTools Protocol.

Managing my own tech

I hold a thorough understanding of many aspects of computers and the internet, providing me with the necessary know-how to run my own GNU/Linux-based infrastructure. This includes everything from setting up VPN networks and local DNS, to managing around 30 self-hosted services using Docker. Everything with a security-first approach, of course.

Recent explorations

More recently, I have been exploring the fascinating world of Nix. The idea of having builds and deployments that are both reproducible and reliable is something I find incredibly appealing.

Get in touch

Please feel free to use email as the primary form of communication. You can encrypt a message using my PGP public key. If you would like to ensure the authenticity of our conversation, simply request a signature from me to verify my identity. I will never decline such a request.

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Support my work

If you find my work valuable and would like to support it, I offer various donation options. While I strongly prefer cryptocurrency donations, I understand that it may not be feasible for everyone. Therefore, I also provide an alternative way to donate using a credit card.



People who inspire me

Charles Hoskinson

I find myself deeply connected with Charles Hoskinson’s viewpoint on important issues such as privacy, security, and the power of decentralization. In a world where centralized systems often dominate, Hoskinson sees decentralization as a glitch in the matrix, enabling ordinary individuals to reclaim control over their lives. He recognizes that true empowerment extends beyond monetary considerations, emphasizing the significance of breaking free from enslavement. With his steadfast approach, Hoskinson reminds us that persistence and determination are key in achieving lasting change.

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Louis Rossmann

Louis Rossmann has been instrumental in shaping my perspective on corporate ethics and the importance of user privacy and freedom. Through his insightful content, he has demonstrated that regardless of the industry, the pursuit of profit often takes precedence over the well-being and rights of individuals. Rossmann’s unwavering support for the right to repair movement has intrigued me, as it highlights the fundamental human freedom that is sorely lacking in today’s society. He stands as a beacon of integrity, advocating for values such as freedom, open-source principles, and transparency, reminding us of the significance of these virtues in our interconnected world.

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Lex Fridman

I greatly admire Lex Fridman for his unwavering passion to explore and understand the world from various perspectives, approaching each conversation with an open mind and a commitment to impartiality. His dedication to seeking knowledge and starting fresh with each new encounter is truly inspiring.

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Ideologies I live by

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