Kamil Monicz

About Me

Hey there! I’m Kamil, a.k.a. Zaczero - a passionate FOSS Developer and OpenStreetMap mapper, dedicated to preserving people’s privacy and freedom. I’m on a mission to bring about positive change.

I’m constantly obsessed with technology and using it to solve real-world problems. I’m always learning about the latest gadgets and software, but I also love digging into their inner workings to understand how they work.

What I’m All About

Keeping things simple. I believe that simplicity is key to solving complex problems. By keeping things simple, we can avoid unnecessary complications and focus on what really matters. I like finding elegant solutions that are easy to use and built to last.

Privacy and freedom. I believe in people’s right to own their data and their technology. That’s the kind of future I want to build and live in. When creating software, I always take privacy-first approach.

Getting it done. First make it work, then make it nice. I prioritize functionality and efficient delivery over bells and whistles. I actively avoid distractions, plan ahead, and focus on the task at hand.

Not afraid to fail. I’m not afraid to take risks and try new things. Failure is just another step on the path to success. I learn from my mistakes and use them to grow and improve. Every experience is a lesson.

My Superpowers

Python: From simple scripts to complex AI-driven applications, Python is my go-to programming language. I love its simplicity, versatility, and the vast ecosystem of libraries. It enables me to bring ideas to reality.

Reproducibility: I’m a big supporter of Nix and NixOS. I love the idea of having environments, builds and deployments that are both reproducible and reliable. It’s a fundamental part of stress-free development.

GNU/Linux: Servers, networks, and system administration. My years long journey with privacy has led me to GNU/Linux and I’ve never looked back. Today, I manage my own infrastructure and services, reducing my reliance on third-party providers and cutting costs.

Data Science: Data is the essence of tech magic. While not an expert, I have a solid understanding of general concepts and tools. This lets me solve new problems in creative ways and achieve broader impact with my work.


Frameworks/Libraries: FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, Cython, Keras, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, scikit-image, OpenCV, SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, and more.

Languages: Python is my current favourite. I sometimes code in C, C#, and JavaScript/TypeScript. I’m looking forward to learning Rust and Go in the future.

Things In Progress

One of my biggest contributions is OpenStreetMap-NG, a complete Python rewrite of OpenStreetMap platform. It’s faster, better, and more accessible. If open maps are your thing, check it out here: https://github.com/Zaczero/openstreetmap-ng.

When I’m Not Coding

You’ll probably find me tinkering with my servers, exploring the depths of CPython’s inner workings, geeking out over security talks (Defcon is my favourite), or mapping my hometown in 360°.

Things I’m Bad At

Working on multiple issues at once. Such situations make me generally less efficient. I prefer to work and focus on one thing at a time and see it through to completion.

Remembering non-technical things. I’m scatterbrained when it comes to everyday stuff. I rely heavily on my calendar and notes to keep me on track. I also struggle with remembering names and I tend to ask for them multiple times.

…and more. Nobody’s perfect, but I’m always working on improving myself.

Things I’m Not a Fan Of


Support My Work

If you like what I do and want to support my work, you can do so in a few ways. Every contribution is greatly appreciated and keeps me motivated to continue pushing forward. Thank you!



Get in Touch


You can reach me at kamil@monicz.dev. Optionally encrypt a message using my PGP public key below. If you would like to ensure the authenticity of our conversation, simply request a signature from me to verify my identity. I will never decline it.

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On my LinkedIn profile, you can find more information about my professional background and education. When making a connection request, please include a note to briefly explain the reason. I might ignore requests without a message.